Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunsets, Sunrise

At the Grand Canyon we saw the sun set and rise. At Arches we saw it set. On the Kansas prairie we saw it set once more. I had always thought of sunrise and sunset as rather gradual processes, as the colors linger in the sky. However, around 5:20 a.m. Wednesday at the Grand Canyon, there was a definite moment of particular brilliance. At that moment, the sun’s reflection on the western cliff glowed golden. Then, the sun slipped above the horizon, and the colors muted.

Friday evening, we were cruising southeast through the prairie approaching Dodge City. For some reason, Andy looked back and exclaimed, “Holy crap! Look behind you!” The western sky, completely unobscured over the flat prairie, was the most vibrant shade of red. This lasted only minutes, time enough to snap a few photos, then, again, the colors faded, as the sun dropped below the heads of wheat.

Sometimes, the most beautiful things are behind you, and fleeting

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  1. this bottom picture is beautiful- you need to put it in a contest or something. I actually had to stop and try to figure out if it was your photograph or a post card or something...A.M.