Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Antelope Valley

We took a detour through Antelope Valley to see where Kristi’s friend Amanda grew up. We passed through Lancaster and Palm –something. The land is rocky sand, out of which grows no grass, but mostly scrubby little prickly dry twiggy bushes that inflict your skin with hair fine thorns as you walk by. Strange palms with awkwardly twisted trunks and branches intermittently appear as medusa trees. All around rise the mountains. There are no signs of moisture other than aqueducts and the flash flood warning signs, but plenty of wind and dust. Outside of the towns, it is a desolate, lonely, hauntingly beautiful land.

While Andy drives, Kristi is minding the dogs, navigating, taking photographs, downloading photos, and updating the blog. Out an the desert highway, Kristi had a photographic almost semi crisis which we can’t write about.


  1. I like Kristi's Palm Tree hair--Scott

  2. Kristi, Kristi, Kristi

    It's a good thing I kept reading this blog or I would have started some terrible rumor about your ditching Ben and running off (elope?) with this Andy guy. That would have made some juicy gossip to permiate the Thaxton family reputation. Oh well....

    Love you,

    Ucle Lucy