Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day Minus 1: Venice Beach

The plan was for Kristi and me to go to watch the sunset over Venice Beach and listen to the enormous drum circle. In December I experienced both of these and it was really cool. Well, as Kristi said - God must have a sense of humor because she got here on time which required devine intervention, but the sky was so overcast we could not see the sun, and the drum circle consisted of one guy who just kind of sat there with his lone drum and beat on it a few times.

So, since Andy had built up Venice Beach so much for Kristi, she then had to perform! Which she did by jumping into the ocean when it was 65 degrees outside!!! You can see from our photo montage that Kristi and I experienced the beach a little differently. Once I got used to the water, it was hard to get out. I have said it before but there is nothing like the Pacific Ocean's beauty and mystery. I am going to miss it dearly.




  1. What the hell? I was there in January and it was like 85 degrees with a huge drum circle. (Maybe it's a weekend thing?) Kristi-Andy owes you a refund!


  2. that is surprising.... I thought that by this time of year it would be brilliantly hot and sunny - oh well, the beach is really great when its cloudy and cool too! -H