Saturday, June 6, 2009

Serendipity & The Euclid Ave Yacht Club:

It is truly a small world. I will quote Susan by saying “If there are 4 million people in Atlanta, why do I run into the same 20 f$*@&ers everywhere I go!” Well, this coincidence reaches far further than Marietta.

So, Kristi and I caught the very last shuttle bus from Arizona restaurant at the Grand Canyon rim to our lodge. It was about 11PM. The bartender from the restaurant was entertaining us with his “war” stories (I suspect trying to impress Kristi). In the conversation we mentioned to him we were from Jackson and Atlanta, Georgia (not our real home towns). Right then the woman in front of us turns around an says, “You’re from Atlanta? I am from Atlanta? Which part?" She then tells us she owns a bar in little five points.

Turns out this woman sitting in front of us on the last shuttle bus going through the Grand Canyon at 11pm owns one of my favorite bars in Atlanta: The Euclid Ave. Yacht Club! Seriously. My friends who I have dragged here many nights and my parents who I have taken there will not believe that I traveled 3000 miles and back and ended up on a bus with the owner of the ole YC.

This is actually not the biggest coincidence of the serendipitous meeting. Turns out this is also the woman who was recently helping the Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue (the group Kristi and I work with and met through) to find a lost Boston terrier. She has always wanted to work at the Grand Canyon so she took the summer off to do just that. She send her love to her staff back home.

We then started chatting like we were old friends who had not seen each other in years.

I think Kristi and I need to have a celebratory drink at the YC when we all get back to Atlanta in honor of the generous serendipity in this small small world.

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  1. Michelle Janko??? She is an old friend of mine too! Your trip is very interesting, ladies. The Arches blow my mind. Robbie