Friday, June 5, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

We got into Las Vegas on Tuesday night kind of late and we were exhausted so we got Indian food and went to bed. The La Quinta’s internet was down so it made for some frustration. Especially since Kristi has some real law work to do.
In the morning we went to the Stratosphere (which sucked by the way) and Ceaser’s Palace.

Kristi asked the shuttle bus driver why anyone would come all the way out here in the middle of the desert and decide THIS is the place to start a city! No grass, no moisture, no fertile soil, miles away from civilization! The driver told us about the history of Las Vegas and when he named the founding founders, he mentioned several Mob bosses. The light bulb came on. Here, were no one else wanted to be, they could have gambling and prostitution legalized. Now, everyone wants to go there. I played Roulette, which I love! Kristi watched. Lost $40 but it was worth it.

Below is a photograph of some mobsters we spied hanging out in a pool in front of Treasure Island. It looked like a very questionable situation. We are convinced someone is now “sleeping with the fishes,” and we are a little afraid they will track us down to recover this photograph. That is why we are not using our real names.

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