Friday, June 5, 2009

General Update Day 4: Catching Up

What the Road Looks like after TWELVE HOURS OF DRIVING

Kristi and I are currently between Denver and the Kansas state line on i-70. Today is our longest day of travel: 12-13 hours. We are driving from Moab, Utah, all the way across the state of Colorado to Southeastern Kansas where we will spend the night in Dodge City. Tomorrow AM we are going to Greensburg, KS.

If anyone watches the show about Greensburg please tell us what we should see while were there.

The dogs have done well so far but Oscar just required a half of a xanax (my xanax). If I were a dog, I would be pretty pissed about 8 hours into a 12 hour drive too. But seriously the dogs have become professional travelers. As long as they have a butt to sleep next to at the end of the night they are happy. FYI: Oliver slept with Kristi last night. I was abandonded!

Thanks for all the info on Seviche from everyone: Ben, Scott and Tsun-Yen. Though there seem to be different opinions to what exactly it is, I do think Kristi basically ate raw fish and survived.

Kristi and I have sacrificed eating properly, bathing and peeing to make up time we used sight seeing. We both agree that the other does not stink. We made portable lunches from pilfered items from the free breakfast at La Quinta. I have been limiting my water intake so I don’t have to pee too much (bad idea for the days we were in the desert).

4 days
6 states
3 time zones
2,045 miles
28 hours on the road
still 2 girls, 2 dogs, 2 guitars. .


at least 2 bugs, one still on the winshield wiper
1 chapstick
1 dog toy
$40 at roulette table
human renal function
canine liver function
personal hygiene standards
a little bit of sanity
several traffic laws

2 days
6 states
1000 miles
16 hours on the road

Kristi Needed a Little Prayer

Oscar making sure we don't leave him

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