Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Los Angeles Tuesday June 2nd

Kristi has recently (in GA) discovered fish tacos. Last night we saw a taco stand advertising fish tacos and decided that if one were going to become a fish taco connoisseur, one would have to have a fish taco in California. So, Tuesday morning we would have fish tacos for lunch. That is Kristi would have fish tacos and Andy would have something without fish or other animal parts).

We pulled into a little Mexican grill and quickly saw that not only did they have a fish taco, but also a plentiful vegetarian menu. Andy quickly ordered a Seven Vegetable Quesadilla and began gathering up cups of salsa. Kristi, concerned about Weight Watchers points, inquired as to how the fish was prepared. The clerk explained they were marinated in lime juice with onions and cilantro. “But how are they cooked?” asked Kristi. The clerk replied, “They are marinated.” “But are they then grilled, or fried?” Kristi persisted. “They are just marinated,” responded the clerk. “Are they raw?” wondered Kristi, adding, “I don’t eat sushi.” “Oh, it’s not sushi, it’s whitefish,” reassured the clerk. “Is heat applied to this fish at any point?” asked Kristi. “I don’t think so,” said the clerk, “but I am sure you will love it. “ Kristi suddenly noticed the line collecting behind her and ordered a fish taco.

When the food was ready, Kristi joined Andy at the counter by the storefront window. Andy was thrilled with the broccoli, carrots, squash, green beans, zucchini, and onions in her quesadilla, and was happy to see no mushrooms in there. Kristi tentatively opened her taco and sampled a tiny piece of the whitefish. It looked like it had perhaps been cooked at some point, and it did not taste or smell raw. She decided to eat the taco. It was good, especially with tomatilla sauce. Kristi has experienced no digestive upset as of yet.

If anybody knows what exactly a ceviche taco is, and whether or not this fish was cooked, we would be grateful to learn. Thank you.


  1. According to my manager, who is mexican, a ceviche taco is fish that is placed in lime juice and left there for a while. The acid in the lime juice chemically cooks the fish. No heat is used or, apparently, necessary.-Scott

  2. That's right. It's technically raw, but chemically "cooked". I had never heard of it until I was already vegan, so I've never had ceviche, but it's supposed to be yummy.

  3. I love ceviche! It seemed a little odd to me, the first time I tried it, because I don't like the idea of eating "raw" fish either. And the previous comments are correct; per Chef Mark, it's cooked with acid, which "de-natures" the protein just like heat does. So the "marinade" the clerk was talking about is acid.

  4. Kristi, "my" Andy and I have never heard of "cooking" with acid, either. Very interesting! We just thought we'd let you know you weren't the only unenlightened soul out there... :)

    -Your cousin Kathy

  5. And PS I love fish tacos too! :) Next time you come to town I'll take you to my favorite fish taco joint. The fish is fried, though.

  6. Mama, you're becoming quite the connoisseur of fish tacos! And the seviche method seems very WW friendly.