Friday, June 5, 2009

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, Oh my!

Andy loves Hoover Dam. It is such a strange place. Lake Mead is like a lake on Mars and the Dam itself is such a strange massive contraption among almost NO vegetation. This is why it gets so many visitors each week I guess. So, I wonder what it looked like before there was a dam.

While leaving the Hoover Dam we caught sight of six middle-eastern men, orange robed, walking in a block formation. Kristi thought they were prisoners but Andy explained they were probably Monks. Kristi snapped a photo as they were getting into their car but they were no longer in formation.

Because we have “the bubble” on top of the car, Homeland Security made us pull to the side and open up our ‘top’. They caught our stow-away Noise-a-saurus but they still let him leave with us. I think the girly products they happened upon up there sped up the process of the search.

Oscar growled at them through the widow as the guys argued if he was a pug or Boston Terrier.
On the way to Hoover Dam I needed gas so I stopped in a gas station and went to an open pump. After filling up I looked at the total and it was $55!!! Holy crap! At first I thought it was highway robbery because there was not much gas in the desert. Then I realized I had just filled my tank with 100 Octane gas! Scott will enjoy hearing this mishap. No wonder the woman in the hummer was looking at me strange – like “Girl, what are you putting high octane in that little vibe, it’s not gonna make it go any faster.”

For the record, $5.99/gal gas = no change in a Pontiac Vibe’s performance.

As we drove off, some woman was arrested in the parking lot.

Our first view of Lake Mead (note dead bug):

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