Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day Minus 1: Discovering Los Angeles

So Kristi arrived safely and I got to discover the mess that is the Los Angeles airport. WOW. I mean I am sure it is well organized but it SO well organized that it took some scary moments to understand it and get into the flow. But I found Kristi and Oscar and Oliver gave her many many kisses in the car.

We went back to the hotel, settled in for a little and then went to out for lunch. We tried to go to this neat looking vegetarian chinese restaurant but ironically now it is a Barbaque place of all things. So we ate at the Farm Stand and it was yummy. We had grilled veggies up to our ears with Israeli couscous. This is in the 'town' of El Segundo which seems like a suburb of the LA Airport. I don't understand all the little towns that make up LA, but this one was really cute, artsy and welcoming (unlike the metropolis that is our hotel).

We then went to Funky Sofa.com where I have wanted to go for such a long time. They make amazingly creative couches and ship them across the US. I did not want to miss out on a visit to their show room.

We came home and then took the boys on a long walk in search of grass near the hotel which was a task. But we did find a very strange area of fenced grass owned by the water company behind an ominous "No Tresspassing Sign." The strange thing about it is that the area had irrigation and cameras that looked like they were watching the grass grow. Weird. If anyone can explain this please do. The thought of California paying to record grass growing (over several blocks) helps me to understand why the state is bankrupt!

We then ventured to Venice beach for sunset and the notorious drum circle I documented on my last visit to LA. The main thing we saw was a revelation about God.

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