Saturday, May 30, 2009

Introduction to Left and Leaving: Eastward Hoe!

Well as a follow up to Follow that Naked Indian, Kristi and I have started Left and Leaving to journal our trip from Los Angeles back home to Atlanta. The car is over-loaded, the hotels booked and the dogs are anxious because they know something is going on.

I am leaving San Francisco on Sunday morning so I can hang out with Montica for a couple days in LA. Kristi flies into LAX on Monday morning to meet me. Tuesday we head eastward stopping in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Denver, Kansas City, KS and then into Atlanta!!!

I am sure we will have much to post about. The debate of the moment is whether Kristi should bring her fancy conditioners and body washes because then she will have to check her bag. A much more girly debate than when Scott and I were planning this trip last summer!

Anyway, here it goes...

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