Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day Minus 2: SFO to LAX

So this morning I loaded the dogs into the car and went to my friend TY's house so that Oscar could run around her back yard with the kids. I wanted to tire him out before the trip to Los Angeles.

Oscar did really well and didn't knock either of the kids over ;) He loved rolling around on the nice untouched grass and eating watermelon with the kids. Oliver, on the other hand wanted to go into the house and sleep on a pillow. Sun and Running are just not Oliver's kind of things. He loves the kids though and likes it when they pet his head. He even rolled over on his side so Bella could rub his belly. He is very patient with them.

Bella picked yellow flowers for me. So sweet. TY and I had a sad teary parting and I really wish I could have strapped her to the top of the car and taken her with me back to Atlanta. Atlanta would adore her just like I do. I guess this is the downside of being a travel nurse -- you get attached to people and then have to leave them.

The plan is for Kristi to meet me in Los Angeles tomorrow but the flights are pretty booked up and she flies standby. Are there other LA are airports?

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